Tillamook Preschool started in 1973 with no co-op, no teacher and no location. A few neighbors got together and began discussing what they wanted in a preschool for their children. After many, many meetings and discussions, things began to fall into place. They bought a house (on Tillamook Street) and hired a teacher, and began with only six families and lots of hard work. Their fundraisers consisted of garage sales and personal donations. They wanted a community of other parents who really wanted to co-op and to be involved with their child’s education.

Since 1973, Tillamook has grown into a large community of families joined by their dedication to the emotional, social, physical and intellectual development of their children. Families work together to create a warm, supportive and creative environment for children. Parents and our teacher work together in the classroom to provide a fun, nurturing and creative environment. As children explore their own interests and developmental skills by choosing from a variety of activities, they build self-esteem, learn to make choices, and learn to respect the choices of others.  Tillamook’s strength lies in its collective of unique perspectives and talents, and in the abilities of Tillamook families to organize these talents into a vibrant, dynamic community.